Tuesday, May 30th

7:33PM - Light Holiday Candles

8:40PM - Shavuot Evening Services

11:00PM - Torah Through The Night

Wednesday, May 31st

9:30AM - Shavuot Holiday Services

11:30AM - Torah Reading and Kids' Program

12:00PM - Torah Study

12:30PM - Dairy Kiddush Luncheon and Ice Cream Party

7:45PM - Shavuot Evening Services

8:34PM - Light Holiday Candles

Thursday, June 1st

10:00AM - Shavuot Morning Services

10:55AM - Rabbi's Torah Message

11:15AM - Torah Reading

11:45AM - Yizkor Memorial Service

12:30PM - Kiddush Luncheon

7:45PM - Shavuot Evening Services

8:35PM - Shavuot ends