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  Torah Time


Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don't want to miss a day. They come
in with a smile and leave humming a Hebrew song. Walking through the
halls, you can hear the sounds of lively discussion, of singing,
laughter and prayer. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit
of Judaism. Imagine the pride of his/her parents.

Welcome to Torah Time, an exciting and innovative educational program
that children love coming to. Torah Time enjoys a well-earned
reputation as a trend setter in creative Jewish education for children
in K through 5th grade.
We help create Jewish pride and spiritual connections that last a
lifetime. Our non-judgmental, friendly and inclusive policy means
every Jewish child is welcome, regardless of affiliation, religious
observance, or prior knowledge. Our diverse student body provides a
setting where each child is comfortable and able to learn at a relaxed
pace. At Torah Time, we don’t just teach Judaism, we live Judaism, and
we hope to inspire in our students a love for Torah, mitzvoth, and
Jewish life.

When: Tuesdays afternoons from 4:00-5:30 pm.

Who: All Jewish children in Kindergarten-5th grade.

We will kick off the year with two holiday fairs on August 31 and September 14, and then start weekly Torah Time on October 5. 

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